Tips to include stunning sculptures and artful interiors in your home

Tips to include stunning sculptures and artful interiors in your home

Ever wondered what is something that can instantly uplift your space and banishing it can dull the space, no it is not your partner we are talking about, it is the piece of art or a sculpture. India has given some amazing artists and sculptures to adore. It is something to get inspired from. Sculptures or piece of art when installed  can mean many things at once and none at all. Most of the times, it is our personality, it is our experiences that we are trying to reflect through artforms, says Interior Designer Ankit Ojha.

From bright colors, eccentric patterns, religious figures to soothing floral patterns, there are so many things in an art, which inspire us and give the house its uniquely liveable feeling.

Every piece of art or sculpture should be appreciated

It is different for different individuals, it all depends on what we relate to because most of the time, it is art that chooses us and the space.Tips to include stunning sculptures and artful interiors in your home

Let it reflect your story

Any piece of art installed in our homes, is a reflection of ourselves. A wide range of art pieces and sculptures are available to choose from, however, whenever we are selecting any piece we must considered which piece of art speaks to us and that will be the most appropriate choice for our space. An artform made of pastel shades with soothing waves is suitable for some whereas an artform made out of bold and vibrant colors can be an inspiration for some. We must incorporate our nature, our experiences whenever we are short listing art or sculpture for our spaces.

Consider the color palette

Most of the times an art piece is the last to be selected, what if we select them first and let them decide the color palatte for the room. Choosing colors from the art piece that compliments our décor is a creative thing to do.

sculpture and library art

Size matters

A great piece of art or a sculpture can easily become the focal point for any room and that is why it becomes very important to position it correctly and also choose an adequate size for the room. However, any piece selected will attract the attention of people, might be in a positive way or a negative way but it will attract, so why not select a piece which will be in proportion to the size of your space. We need to measure the size of the space and then analyze it accordingly.

Adding textures

A piece of art or a sculpture helps in adding a sense of depth to the space. It not only helps in emphasizing the wall but also unfolds your style and personality. For an art, choosing bright and bold colors, with rpoper lighting can add a sense of drama to the space and can fill the room with positive energy.

sculptures and art

Making a space come alive

Sculpture or a piece of art can help to pull a space together and make it  feel complete. Let’s talk about the wall behind the staircase, we all have that wall in our house or in flats we have some other that dead wall, which we have no clue what to do about or where to start, now let’s be creative, think out of the box and paint that wall with a beautiful and vibrant artform or emphasize that area with a proportionate sculpture. Doesn’t thinking about it makes the space come alive.

It is just about the little extra touch that we put, don’t be afraid to bring life and creativity into your space. Art can never go wrong it just needs to speak to you and the space.

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