Decorate interior spaces with floating shelves

Decorate interior spaces with floating shelves

If you are looking for ways to spruce up the bare walls in your home, consider adding floating shelves.

They are decorative and functional. Haji Yasin Bakaluba Sekimwanyi, an interior designer and the proprietor of Bakulaba Properties says floating shelves are in vogue. Trend lovers have embraced them for their uniqueness and versatility.

Floating shelves help to decorate dull walls, ugly corners and nooks around the home interior.

Christine Tendo, another interior designer adds that walls with art works and photos bore the eyes with time. In this case, floating shelves come in handy to help re-style the space and break monotony of that wall décor.

Where to hang the floating shelves

Bakaluba says floating shelves match any home, especially those short on space. “They take little material, so they do not clutter the wall as they allow free movement of light,” he explains. They are better than the traditional big shelves that eat up space.

You can have them in the living room, dining, corridor, lobby and bedrooms depending on what you want them to hold. However, Tendo warns that a single shelf hanging by itself on a big wall will look lost. Instead, choose a space where the shelf, or set of shelves, will match a piece of furniture. It can also complement a fixture. For example, fix them above the toilet or bathtub.

Decorate interior spaces with floating shelves

What to hang on the shelves

According to Bakaluba, decorating the shelves can be overwhelming, which is why people throw random things on them. You can add taller objects such as indoor plants, like the snake plant, and larger pictures.  Tendo says you can add items like feathers, wood carvings and lots of texture. You can also repaint them to pull off a cohesive look. “If the shelves have height, add flowers, sticks and a tall decor item like a lantern,” Tendo suggests.

How to pull off the décor

Bakaluba advises to start with the top shelves and work your way down while placing decor from one end of the shelf to the other. But leave some empty space on either end of the shelf and layer the pieces in varying heights.

Additionally, Tendo suggests designing the shelves at different depths. Rather than lining them in one row, scatter them on the wall. And while placing the items, put some closer to the back of the shelves and others in front to get that layered look. After styling the first ones, move on to those below.

Here, for a minimalist look, layer different decorative pieces while leaving some blank space in between the two groupings.

Be sure to:

*Put a big shelve in the middle and surround it with small ones

*Drill and mount the shelves firmly on the wall to hold the weight.

*Move the shelves to different places when they bore the eyes.

*Fill the holes and paint after moving them.

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