Andrew Tate raid video surfaces online as internet reacts to supercars, webcam studio and more

Andrew Tate raid video surfaces online as internet reacts to supercars, webcam studio and more

Controversial internet figure Andrew Tate had his house raided by Romanian police authorities. The house was filled with guns, luxury cars, several monitors, a chess board dedicated to his father, among other valuables. The social media personality has since been detained alongside his brother after being accused of human trafficking.

On Thursday, December 29, Romanian officials announced that Tristan and Andrew Tate were being held for a minimum of 24 hours on suspicion of committing r*pe, human trafficking, and attempting to form a criminal group.

The DIICOT, Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism, carried out the raid into Andrew Tate’s luxury villa in the Romanian capital Bucharest. Video footage showed officers with guns and battering arms sweeping the dark villa before escorting the brothers into a car.

The viral video clip where officers can be seen raiding the luxury villa included them breaking into the house which supposedly belongs to Andrew. The residence was not as decorated as one might have expected. The walls were painted black, with red lighting surrounding the rooms. The clip also showed a blue crocodile decorative piece sitting next to several electronic gadgets and firearms.

As the police entered another room, one could see a barren space that showed several screens. It appeared to be a surveillance room. The only décor which seemed to be present in the room was that of a golden gorilla covered with money.

Police raid the internet figure's residence (Image via DIICOT)
Police raid the internet figure’s residence (Image via DIICOT)

It looked like red lighting appears in several areas of the property.

Police raid Andrew Tate's residence (Image via DIICOT)
Police raid Andrew Tate’s residence (Image via DIICOT)

Reacting to the decor, netizens commented:

Netizens react to Andrew Tate's house interiors (Image via Reddit)
Netizens react to Andrew Tate’s house interiors (Image via Reddit)

Those interested in viewing the interior and the police raid footage can watch the video linked below:

Inside Andrew Tate’s residence

The lavish residence included plush leather sofas, multiple CCTV feeds, and a hi-tech room, among other luxuries.

Andrew Tate's surveillance room raided by law enforcement (Image via cobratate/Instagram)
Andrew Tate’s surveillance room raided by law enforcement (Image via cobratate/Instagram)

The internet figure also has a glass wardrobe filled with an array of guns and black jackets.

Inside the influencer's residence (Image via DIICOT)
Inside the influencer’s residence (Image via DIICOT)

Additionally, he has a wood-panelled room with leathered armchairs. This appears to be the location from which he mocked Greta Thunberg recently.

Inside the influencer's residence (Image via cobratate/Instagram)
Inside the influencer’s residence (Image via cobratate/Instagram)

Andrew owns a massive chessboard which was created in tribute to his father, Emory Tate. The latter was dubbed an international Master and was amongst the top 2000 active players in the world.

The value of the property remains unknown. However, sources claim that the influencer made several renovations to the home. Tate also owns a multi-million dollar car collection that includes a Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport, Aston Martin DBS Superleggera, McLaren720S, Lamborghini Huracan Spyder, and a Ferrari 812 Superfast, among other luxury vehicles.

Internet reacts to Andrew Tate’s luxury house

Netizens trolled the now-arrested influencer relentlessly for his taste in interiors, with some commenting on how the house looked like “a mancave” from a middle schooler’s perspective, while another user wrote how his house looked like it was part of GTA or Roblox. At the same time, a few more users commented on the lack of taste that the influencer has when it comes to interior decor.

Allegations against Tristan and Andrew Tate explored

Romanian police revealed that they raided five homes as part of the investigation after obtaining search warrants. Law enforcement was looking into the allegations of international human trafficking, r*pe, and organizing a criminal group.

The police revealed that the British brothers lured female victims by using the “loverboy method,” which means falsely professing their love to victims in hopes of causing harm to them.


The victims were then transported to buildings present on the outskirts of Bucharest, where they were s*xually assaulted and forced to perform in p*rnographic videos to be distributed online.

Law enforcement also revealed that the suspects used “physical violence and mental coercion” to force the women to listen to them.

The brothers remained detained at the time of writing this article.

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