7 Kick-starter Deals on Curtains to Revamp Your Homes at A Budget

7 Kick-starter Deals on Curtains to Revamp Your Homes at A Budget

Festival season is just around the corner, and it is time to shop big to amp up your home with the best home essentials like curtains. Curtains can set the vibe and tone of your rooms as per your taste, while pleasing your eyes and making your home a little more attractive. Fortunately, there are mind-blowing kick-starter deals going on Amazon, availing which you can revamp your homes in a pocket-friendly manner. Check out the best deals available on premium quality curtains that you can avail now. 

7 Kick-starter Deals on Curtains to Grab Now

1. [email protected] Room Darkening Curtains

Wish to keep your room perfectly thermal insulated? Then try giving these curtains a chance. Made of smooth, silky polyester fabric, the curtains feel light while providing incredible thermal insulation. Whether it’s summer or winter, you can protect your inner surroundings with the help of these beautiful jet black curtains. Not just this, you can even block out the outside noises, which usually seem to give you a headache. The curtains come with removable plastic eyelet rings that can be easily washed.

7 Kick-starter Deals on Curtains to Revamp Your Homes at A Budget

Price: Rs. 1,699

Deal Price : Rs. 459

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2. Home Sizzler Set of 4 Door Curtains

Home sizzler brings to you this set of 4 door curtains with a size of 4×7 feet. These printed curtains represent a beautiful blend of modern and contemporary style, which surely levels up your home interior. Made with high-quality polyester, the curtains are wonderfully light and ideal for both machine and hand wash. Also, the premium quality assures adding a sassy look to your living room. Each curtain has 8 silver-coated eyelets which complement the fabric and complete the finish. Getting hands on these remarkable panel printed curtains is less expensive with the ongoing kick starter deals running now.

Home Sizzler Set of 4 Door Curtains

Price: Rs. 1,999

Deal Price: Rs. 945

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3. LaVichitra Polyester Door Curtain with Floral Net 

Wishing to adorn your house without making a heavy purchase? Try out these brightly coloured, polyester door curtains that can style your home without burning a hole in your pocket. These curtains have a lovely, silky fabric with floral prints on the top. To add to its beauty, are silver-coated eyelets that make draping easy. Prime features of these curtains include solid material, sleek and semi-transparent finish. Moreover, these are available in a variety of shades, making the choice of colours wide open for you. 

LaVichitra Polyester Door Curtain with Floral Net

Price: Rs. 1,499

Deal Price: Rs. 585

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4. Fresh From Loom Window Curtains

If you love all things classy and decent, then missing out on these curtains would be a huge loss for you. Especially with the kick starter deals going on at Amazon, these trendy curtains from Fresh From Loom can be a great buy. Though the fabric used is polyester, you can be assured of the aesthetic touch that the curtains add to your home. The premium quality, unique design and crisp print modernise your home without fail. When looking for affordable luxury curtains, this has to be your top pick.

Fresh From Loom Window Curtains

Price: Rs. 2,999

Deal Price: Rs. 867

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5. Fashion String 4 Pieces Door Curtain Set

When you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on home essentials, then getting home products from Amazon deals is a wise thing to do. These curtains from Fashion String can be grabbed at a huge discount at Amazon during these deals. Made of polyresin material, the curtains are extremely light and suitable for quick and easy room decor. These brown curtains with stunning prints are perfect to add elegance to the boring interiors and make your home festival-ready.

Fashion String 4 Pieces Door Curtain Set

Price: Rs. 1,999

Deal Price: Rs. 499

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6. Homefab India Set of 2 Royal Silky Cream Long Door Curtains

If you adore simplicity, then these curtains will not fail to impress you. The premium silky material, lightweight feel, perfect visibility and subtle colour contribute to making your home cosier and more appealing. The material used is polyester, which gets less dirty and is easy to wash. When you are looking for options that can make your rooms look spacious, bright and pleasing for eyes, these curtains can be a perfect fit.

Homefab India Set of 2 Royal Silky Cream Long Door Curtains

Price: Rs. 1,199

Deal Price: Rs. 499

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7. Home Sizzler Polyester Floral Door Curtain

For those who love to experiment with prints and colours, these floral print curtains are a must-have home essential. These curtains are made of pure polyester fabric that lasts long and are really light. The curtains come with 8 silver coated eyelets only to make draping experience hassle-free. Furthermore, the eyelets are rust-resistant, making the curtains last longer. An amazing highlight of these curtains is the light-filtering fabric which does not block the light completely but filters natural light for supplying comforting brightness at home. 

Home Sizzler Polyester Floral Door Curtain

Price: Rs.999

Deal Price: Rs.419

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Gone are the days when you have to spend a fortune to make your home stunning. With the Amazon kick starter deals, you can now get your favourite home essentials like these curtains at surprising discounts, and that too with a single click. 

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