7 Home improvement products to bookmark from Amazon deal of the day

7 Home improvement products to bookmark from Amazon deal of the day

Your home is not only your personal space but also your comfort zone, your very own photoshoot corner and your cosy corner. Irrespective of how big or small your home is, certain cute home decor items are guaranteed to uplift the look of your house and make it look more fabulous. Amazon deal of the day brings to you 7 amazing home improvement products that will improve the look and feel of your home in all ways.

Here are 7 products from Amazon deal of the day:

Scroll on to find 7 best home products from Amazon deals today that will upgrade your lifestyle. 

1. Stylish Chimney

A stylish chimney can instantly make your home look luxe and it’s an essential kitchen appliance. Can’t stand in the kitchen because of the excess heat and smoke generated while cooking? A chimney is all that you need! This Faber curved glass chimney comes with auto-clean technology that helps in cleaning the oil and other residues without any manual intervention giving your kitchen a smart tweak.

7 Home improvement products to bookmark from Amazon deal of the day

Price: Rs 12,490

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2. Cotton Bedsheets

This high-quality bed sheet is made from pure cotton that is super smooth on the skin and perfect for the warm weather. It is super soft and breathable and helps maintain a comfortable body temperature. It is highly durable and the original colour stays put for a long time and looks great even after many machine washes. It has a glossy surface and is hypoallergenic and wrinkle resistant. 

Price: Rs 2699

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3. Multipurpose broomstick

This microfiber duster comes with a stainless steel extension pole. The bendable handle provides maximum grip while cleaning. The head and pole of the duster are detachable and hence occupy less storage space. The duster head is washable as it is made up of electrostatic microfibers. The telescopic rod of the duster has in total 8 levels for the squeaky clean household. 

Price: Rs 499

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4. Milford Plastic Electric Cordless Bathroom Shower Spin Scrubber 

This Milford Plastic Electric Cordless Bathroom Shower Spin Scrubber is a tile cleaner machine. It is one of the widely recommended bathroom cleaning products that you should vouch for at the earliest. It comes with 3 replaceable floor cleaning brushes and a long extendable handle. This scrubber is meant for extensive use while cleaning the shower area, bathtub, kitchen, baseboard, sink, bathroom walls, windows and many more. It is a cleaning essential that is cordless and a powerful tool that adjusts according to your cleaning necessities. 

Price: Rs 1599

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5. Shaggy Carpet 

This shaggy carpet is made from high-quality super soft microfiber and cotton yarn. It is an anti-skid carpet with 2 inch pile height. It is a plush carpet rug that adds a pop of luxury to any space. If you are planning to modernise your home then don’t miss this shaggy carpet. 

Price: Rs 3799

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6. Modern Decorative Lamp

This attractive light is the perfect addition to your living room, family room, bedroom, dorm room, home office, craft room, kitchen or any open concept living space. It is a modern piece of art that you will definitely love. It is a modern home decor item that will revamp your interior decor story in a jiffy. 

Price: Rs 3799

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7. Craft Bubble Wall Mirror

This can be placed in your bedroom, hallway or even in the sit-out to amp up the decor of your home. This beautifully designed contemporary wall mirror has layers of anti-rust and waterproof coating that make it a long-lasting mirror that is sturdy and not prone to breakage.

Price: Rs 2200

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With these 7 home decor items picked from the Amazon sale, you will renovate your house in a budget-friendly way. These items will aid in introducing a sophisticated flair to your living space. No matter how hard you try to revamp your house by hiring the best interior decorators, nothing can beat the glory of these creative pieces of art.

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